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Whether you want to know more about Mindful Parent Mastery (MPM), or me and my personal philosophy, you will quickly notice how intimately they are connected.  Living mindfully, is an important part of my life, like my breath or my heartbeat. It is what I stand for and how I choose to live. It is evident in all that I do.
Virtually all of us observe that our mainstream society is out of sync with itself. People are often stressed, fearful and ill. For instance, we rush through our day and we yell at our children because we are feeling overwhelmed and burdened. In response, our children feel stressed, often as early as infancy.
That doesn’t mean we are bad people or parents – it just means that we are trained to think a certain way in our society and that we have some areas where we have space for growth.
We allow the struggle to continue because we have been trained to focus on identifying and achieving short-term visions and solutions, or outside-in-fixes.
Rather than responding to these problems at their source, or apply long-term solutions, we are merely treating symptoms.
Some examples: (a) The biggest part of political decisions; (b) How to treat obesity, diabetes and depression; (c) How to “deal” with the undesirable behavior of a child.
The problem is that most parenting techniques seem to be mostly about quick fixes for the children as though they are mini broken machinery rather than human beings.
People are highly trained to apply those solutions that lead to an ever-increasing downward spiral of problems.
Despite the fact that upward spiral solutions exist, discovered by multiple areas of science and brain research, such as quantum physics, epi-genetics, new technologies, and Vedic Science, the problem still exists.

The information is there, but it must be applied if we wish to improve our current results. This will take time in a culture that is generally unaware of the latest research and consequently doesn’t apply those ever-green solutions from the start.
I myself grew up in a neglectful and authoritarian family. Nevertheless, instead of remaining stuck in those conditions, I learned to rise above the numerous wrong ideas and concepts of our world.
I became a child care provider, where I worked with a project that stimulated neurological and motor development for the children in that daycare. Managing this project became my primary task. The program was developed by motoric remedial teachers who have a training center called Bodymap in Belgium.
Besides this, I am an avid student of the brain science behind healthy child development according to the latest research.
I gathered information from a variety of wise and aware researchers, and I apply it in my own life and in that of my daughter.
As a result I have written The Basics of Mindful Parenting, to provide you with the information and tools to help you raise your children to be independent, happy, strong and prosperous. In this program, you will learn about how the brain works and how the simple actions you take can strengthen your child’s ability to create a happy life and work successfully through their problems.

Building a better life starts right from where we are, imperfect and uncertain. We create it by taking small action steps each day towards our goals. Then we can share what we have learned with our children, to uplift and help them to live happy and healthful lives.
When you sign-up for The Basics of Mindful Parenting, you will receive new video lessons each week for a period of 12 weeks. Each lesson includes information that explains a specific idea and then teaches you simple tools and techniques to use with your child. Tools easy to use that are simple and consistent. Tools for success!
You will also be given life-time access to the Mindful Parenting membership site and the Facebook group. Just like me, if you want to achieve a goal, you will need a strong structure of support to change for the better. I know I can be an inspiration for you!
When you hold your arm in the sky, you can hold it longer when it’s supported.
Thank you for reading this, and click here to learn more about this course!
Love, light and blessings,