Building The Basics of Mindful Parenting

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Overview Building The Basics of Mindful Parenting Course

This online video course builds and expands on the knowledge shared in “The Basics of Mindful Parenting”. This follow-up course dives deep into essential factors at our core basis for parent and child to achieve health and happiness in all areas of life. It will guide you to build and improve the relationship with yourself, your children, partner and environment, through discussing many related topics. The course continues to break down numerous deeply destructive thought patterns that exist in our minds and will empower you to learn how to master your marvelous mind, and unleash your full potential, so you and your child can come to live the truly fulfilling lives you are born to live.

This course offers you online access to pre-recorded video mentoring by Tina Costermans.

Free bonuses offered through downloadable access:
– Ebook

: “Building The Basics of Mindful Parenting”
– 2 surprise bonuses.


– What every parent needs to know about health
– The relation of nutrition to children’s intelligence, learning abilities, disorders, and health.
– Why breastfeeding is key for our child’s growth and well-being
– Including what to do when I can’t breastfeed and tips for successful breastfeeding.
A troubled body:

What you need to know about GMOs and pesticides

– Organic foods: What’s really a scam and what’s not?
– The incorrect assumptions on which GMO-foods rely on, and their disastrous long-term impact on our organisms and environment, and more.
– The hazards in our everyday diet
– Hazards to avoid in the kitchen.
– A handy, alphabetized list of harmful food additives to avoid when grocery shopping.
A happy body:

– How to give your family vital, fresh and nourishing foods
– Including help resolving disorders such as ADHD, autism, epilepsy, and depression through nutrition, and eating well on a budget.

Foods that boost our organs and energy

– The relation between quantum physics and nutrition
– A tiny little thing
– A good lunch box
-Help! I’ve got a picky eater. What can I do?
– Surprise bonus 1


Sleep Tight
– Parents need their sleep too.
– Why your child’s natural sleep rhythm needs to be respected.
– This makes it even better.
– Safe and Sound
– Why co-sleep?
– Tips to make co-sleeping work
– Safe co-sleeping
– Tips to help your co-sleeping child transitioning to his own bed


The best ways to guide and discipline our child
– Respectful communication
– Redirection and conflict resolution
– A better way than no and don’t.
– Setting limits while still maintaining goodwill
– Natural consequences
– Consistency and following through with consequence
– When Emotions Run High
– About time-out
– Power struggle
– Lying and honesty
– Forgiveness
How to Inspire Your Child to Become Self-Confident
– The benefits of acknowledging a child instead of praising a child.
– Responsibility and mistakes
– Problem solving and thinking
– How to create a smart money attitude?
– Social behavior and friendships
– How children of different ages tend to socialize
– Why competition is usually not a good thing, and in which scenarios it is beneficial.

How to help your child to build strong social relationships without losing themselves
– Learning to accept failure without losing self-esteem when failing.
– Helping children to share toys
– Why it’s important not to bribe children to get them to learn things.
– Comparing and labeling children.
– Helping children to reflect on society.
How to let go of your inner dead weight?
– Overparenting: letting go the fear of the child.
– Why your children came to you
– Negativity
– Worry
– Fear and Anxiety
– Separation anxiety
– Fears at night
– Meditation as a tool to learn how to focus and keep on track.


How to harness our inner power and turn our dreams into reality
– The creation of our results in life as a consequence of how we use our mind and nervous system. Science and quantum physics as a guide to start creating the results we desire.
– The little known keys that successful people use to build lasting, sustainable joy, as well as health, wealth, influence, and a profound impact on the world.
– 5 essential, but generally misunderstood, developmental skills, that help us to achieve wholeness if well applied.
– How humanity transformed Universal Wisdom, and forgot the 25 fundamentals of our nature
– The understanding of who we are at our core, so we can live from our real strengths, purpose and personality instead of a persona that society has pressured us to adopt.
– The transformation of Universal wisdom throughout history by humanity, and the subsequent disconnection from ourselves and ongoing suffering for humanity.
– Liberating ourselves from feeling condemned and judged for making mistakes.
– Surprise bonus 2


What we need to know about vaccinations
– Including neutralizing brain-damaging agents in children’s and adults vaccines absorbed by the body.
– Little things matter
– What little things are harmful? Recommended substitutes for substances and common household chemicals that can cause serious health problems.
Protecting our family from electromagnetic damage
– Including how to avoid and mitigate the damage from WIFI and other electromagnetic fields.


The keys to easy Potty Training
Simple solutions to common behavioral issues.
Including biting, hitting, thumb sucking, teeth brushing, and improving the morning ritual.
Supporting your child through tragedies
How to accompany your child in a divorce
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