Damaging Effects cordless home phones

DECT consists of a base station which transmits a signal 24 hours a day, 100 times per second. In addition, the transmission power at which this occurs is relatively high. When a DECT base station is plugged in – in terms of field strength – it is similar to a mobile phone mast 20 meters away! Whether you call or not, whether the handset is placed in the charger or not, or whether you remove the battery from the handset or not: it does not matter. The base station continuesly transmits it’s pulsed radiation.
Now what’s so harmful about this?
The 100 signals per second are also called weldigitale pulsed radiation. It is this continuously pulsed radiation which forms a strong and dangerous load for the body. These pulses are sharp. They are fired as if they come from a machine gun. And the body registers this inaudible crackling machine gun. If you could hear it, you would literally go crazy. The blood brain barrier is a filter in our brain that protects the brain against heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals that enter the bloodstream via the drinking water, food and air pollution.
The point is; this pulsed radiation causes leakages in this filter through which the heavy metals etc. begin to seep through to the brains.
Numerous scientific studies have shown that the human body is very sensitive to pulsed radiation, such as those not only used in DECT, but also in GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and C2000.
DECT baby monitor is also out of the question. The site www.stopumts.nl even calls it the baby killer. The radiation riddles your vulnerable baby. On April 10, 2008 the Belgian Prof. André van der Vorst stated the following at a hearing of the Flemish Parliament: “How perverse it is, that a baby monitor is basically a DECT? DECT was originally developed for industrial and commercial applications. Only one has put him in a colorful packaging to sell it to private individuals.
Russian roulette
If you think this is exaggerated, then why not do the test with your DECT-phone? Wrap aluminum foil around the base station, with the power on naturally. Then, after a week, keep this film against the light and you will find that the aluminum foil has become a kind of sieve, riddled with a multitude of small perforations, which is already visible on day five! Can you imagine how that pulsed radiation harms a human’s, or a baby’s body? When I found out about this myself, I immediately threw my DECT-phone in the garbage, and got myself an old fashion fixed phone.
It is the base of your cordless phone that’s the problem, not the handset. Their harmful waves of energy can range between one quarter and one half mile, depending on the strength of your particular phone. That’s why every other cordless phone within range of your house can harm you. These waves pass through our windows, they do not pass through walls. That’s why they concentrate in rooms with natural lighting.