Damaging Effects Electrical devices

All electrical devices create harmfull electromagnetic fields.
Magnetic fields are the part of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that penetrate concrete, steel and human bodies. Magnetic fields are measured in milliGauss (mG).
The EPA recommends you limit your magnetic field exposure to 0 .5 mG to 2.5mG. A mG of 2.5 is considered very dangerous. Many experts however recommend avoiding levels of 2.0 milligauss or higher, as in some studies it has been linked to negative health effects. As we saw, scientists believe there may be no safe exposure level, especially towards children.
There are multiple EMF meters on the market.
Let’s take a look on some results with the EMF-meter, and the tools, or machines we use, measured in mG’s.
–       Microwave: 100-500mG.
–       Washing machine: 8-200mG
–       Wireless laptop : past a 100mG. Never place it on your lap, where your reproductive organs are.
–       Personal “sex toy” vibrators: >70mG with rotation function on.
–       Fridge : The front gives 3mG. The back of a new freezer gives results above 100. It’s imortant to know that if your bedroom or other room where you or you children spend time is behind the wall of where there is a transmitter such as a freezer that it is likely this will give serious health problems. Many cot deadths are caused by this. The radiation goes right trough your head.
–       Older fridge : between 3 and 100mG.
–       Freezer : above 3
–       Blender: 50-220mG
–       i-phone: from 3 to past 100, during a phone call. 3-70 without making a phone call.
–       Blackberry: past 100
–       Rice cooker: 4-5 mG.
What can we do ?
It is determined based on financially-political grounds, that radiation cannot cause damage, when no tissue heating occurs. Radiation complaints that nevertheless occur, are to be attributed to other causes. The WHO has published a handbook specifically for directors to brush off citizens who are suffering from radiation. In accordance with this policy, radiation complaints are considered as “risk perception”. The WHO also made an effort towards this policy in its fact sheet ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’. It was further agreed that all epidemiological studies which showed that this policy was untenable “did not meet the criteria of the state of science” and “were not properly carried out scientifically.”
Scientific or medical grounds, and biological facts are being ignored. Scientists are not heard on the commites that set safety standards. Commercial pressures often delay the acceptance of health risks, even when scientific evidence is compelling. In the case of tobacco and asbestos for example, it took many decades before damage was established and accepted by health agencies and, during those decades, millions of people suffered from ilness and died as a result of the delay. So the safety limits are much to high. There are even NO safety limits for children. The WHO and other international standard setting bodies are not acting to protect the publics health. We are all part of a large global experiment. Doctors are even likely to misdiagnose your disturbed mental or physical health because of the neglected health effects of artificial EMF’s. You easily can get toxic drugs to surpress your symptoms, instead of dealing with the source of your complaints.
Once again, it is up to us now to take action, because who else, but you, is going to look after you and your children ?
There are solutions to neutralize the Emf’s in your home. And there are also solutions to protect and heal the body from the EMF damage, or that rebalance your personal biofield. And next to that, you can take your precautions at home.
Here are different kinds of solutions.
I cannot advise you which businesses are offering the most effective solutions, as i lack the right knowledge to be able to do this. You will have to do your own research, to determine what fits you best. If I may give you a tip though that works for me, then I would advise you to look for tools that are based on the work of scientists, such as that from genius Patrick Flanagan, Wilhelm Reich, William Tiller, Karl Hans Welz, and Nikola Tesla.
1: First of all, as we are exposed to wifi everywhere, I advice everyone to wear an EMF-protector on your and your childs body, so that you are protected everywhere you go. My daughter wears it around her tummy, for safety reasons. This could be a pendant or other utensil that help balance the body from the harmful effects of manmade EMF’s.
Also consider here that transformers near your home or underground power lines can cause harm to the body.
2: There are tools that neutralize, or offer electromagnetic compensation, towards the harmful EMF’s in, and around your house.
3: There are utensils on the market, for buildings and electronics that help balance the body from operating electrical devices.

4 : You can find utensils for wireless phones and electronics, such as such as cases for iphones and ipads, or protective stickers to stick on them.

5: Detoxification and energizing
There are all kinds of products for removal of toxic heavy metals, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins, and free radicals and electromagnetic radiation, from the body, or from water or foods. There are also all kinds of products on the market that you can use to re-energize your foods and drinks with, as the natural EMF’s in those are being damaged too.
Precautions you can take :
1 : Unplug any electrical device you don’t use. Don’t forget the sleeping room here, as our bodies heal at night. Avoid sleeping with your head near an outlet or a gadget with artificial EMF’s.Our bodies detoxify at night. That’s why it is important to create an emf- free bedroom for you and your children. There are faraday cages which can help in this. This means you shield your bed or your child’s crib with a specially treated cloth, that blocks out the harmful waves.
You can also move your bed at least 5 feet from the wall so that you are protected for EMG’s from the electrical current. Move you bed as far away from electrical sockets as possible.
2 : Get rid of you cordless home or baby phone, and replace it by the old fashion version.
3 : For our health, it is best we limit, or cease cell phone, iphone, and blackberry use. If you feel you can’t, then use EMF protection on those harmful electromagnetic fields that we are regularly exposed to.
4 : It is best for our child’s health they don’t use mobile phones, dect phones, iphones, and ipads, except in an emergency. If they do, then talk to them about it, and limit their use of these tools, and use EMF-protection on those tools too.
5 : WiFi should be replaced with wired alternatives in schools, homes, and other settings where children spend time.