Damaging Effects Microwave


Here are 11 reasons for eliminating your microwave:
1: Microwaves can cause cot death. (Barrie Trower, a royal navy microwave weapons expert).
This can happen when a transmitter like a microwave, fridge, or other appliance is placed on the other side of the wall or nearby where the baby sleeps.
2: The vitamins, minerals, nutrients, from the foods that are heated in the microwave, reduce, and are modified in their structure, so that they become useless for the human body.
3: The hormone production, frommales as well as females is shut down when we continuesly eat foods from the microwave.
4: Continuesly eating foods from the microwave also results in an increasing amount of cancer cells in the human blood.
5: This also causes deficiencies in the immune system, via the lymph gland, and blood serum fluctuations.
6: Foods that are heated in the microwave cause a loss of concentration, loss of memory, emotional instability, and a reduced intelligence.
7: On the long-term, it causes permanent brain damage due to short circuits in the electrical impulses in the brains.
8: When cooked in a microwave oven, the minerals in vegetables are transformed in cancer-causing free radicals.
9: Foods heated in the microwave can cause stomach and colon cancer, by tumors.
10: The human body can’t break down the bad by-products that arise from the heating of the foods, and the effects that those give are permanent in the human body.
11 : Barrie Trower, explains that microwaves are used as weapons, as they are today. It is a perfect stealth weapon. When governments don’t like a group of people, then microwaves can be used to microwave those people. One example of this were catholics in Northern Ireland to make them sick. It goes on all over the world. Peope don’ t know they are targeted, because the dose is very low. And it may take a year or 2, but you can cause neurological damage and cancers with low level microwaves. You can make all your opponants sick. It is a perfect weapon for governments.