Damaging Effects WIFI


Wifi is extoled as safe by the industry, as well as gaming consoles for kids. Did you know the frequency of wifi is excactly the same as that from a microwave?
Microwave ovens and Wi-Fi operate on the same frequency, 2.4 GHz. In theory, a properly shielded microwave shouldn’t leak any radiation, but the reality is that they leak quite a bit. Wi-Fi is a radio signal, but it’s broadcasting on a much higher frequency than most broadcast radios operate on.
That’s why interference at 2.4 GHz can be caused by common wireless devices, like routers, along with baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, cordless telephones, video senders, and microwave ovens. Wireless devices like wifi and cordless phones transmit a constant signal whether the phone is in use or not.
Now, did you know that, with the invention of the microwave, it’s frequency was specifically chosen because it could penetrate deeply into tissue? And did you know the radiation from notebooks and wifi-equipment is extremely high?
Wifi is, aswell as UMTS, known for the fact that this radiation is particularly biologically active.  This means that all sorts of harmful microbes, parasites, and funghi can be activated while using Wifi and UMTS.
Barrie Trower, the royal navy microwave weapons expert, who i mentioned before;  says about wifi :

Whatever incentive people have to install Wifi, it is not worth the genetic problems it causes in children. A schoolgirl has 400,000 not fully developped eggs in her ovaries. These eggs are irradiated by wifi and the DNA in these eggs can absorb 10 times more radiation then all of the other dna in the body. Even if you have a safety level, then  it is 10 times that. Wifi are transmitters. As well  as the routers, as well  as the ones on either side of you. This goes through the body, each time wifi is being used. Every child has a probability of being genetically damaged. This damaged DNA is passed on to every future generation. In the first 100 days of a pregnancy, all of the 400000 eggs of a female embryo  are forming. These eggs are at maximum risk. They don’t have a defense mechanism, as adults have, that helps fight radiation. In the beginning of a pregnancy, most people don’t know they are pregnant and they don’t take precautions. In the first 56 days of pregnancy, we are inside out. Our organs are on the outside of the body. They are taking all the radiation and the damage. When these genetically damaged eggs are fertilized. the biggest damage is in the grandchildren. We already see this in animals, who have short reproductive cycles. There is a different case for boys too, logically.  When we put wifi in a building where children  are, we risk all of our future generations. These days you can have wifi in every room of the house. The mitochondrial dna in us can be traced back to the beginning of the human race and this is under natural circumstances unchanged. With wifi, we are sacryfysing our future generations because we save a little bit of money to drill holes in a wall and feed cable. People don’t know about this unfortunately, so i advize you to act on this and spread the word about it. On you tube you can find video’s from Barrie Trower and other sources for this.