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Who is www.mindfulparentmastery.com?
Mindful Parent Mastery, is a product under Mindful Mastery, LLC, which is a transformational company with a mission. Our mission is to guide people, mainly parents, in how they can grow into the best version of themselves, and to guide them in how to inspire their children to lead a successful, happy, healthy, and abundant life, which will lead in addition to creating a positive impact on the world.
Mindful Parent Mastery offers innovative transformational and inspirational tools,strategies, concepts, videos, courses and programs to create dynamic positive shifts in the collective consciousness of society.
However, as stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your capability to obtain results, or earn any money in any way with any information provided by Mindful Mastery, LLC.
Your capability to obtain results is your responsibility, depending on your dedication, perception, decision-making, level of awareness, willingness to practise and apply the information given in the courses(or other materials).Any data or testimonials mentioned in materials provided by Mindful Mastery, LLC should not be considered actual, exact, or as a promise for to acquire results.
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I like to punctuate I am not a motoric remedial teacher, doctor, nutritionist, or psychologist. I have a child care taker certificate, however, I have researched,studied and practiced the information I share in Mindful Mastery LLC, for countless hours, for many years.
I offer advice which I consider and trust to be valuable, based on my own experience, and the information provided by many honored researchers; people with a phd, doctors, practitioners and teachers, who have their heart on the right place.
With all that said, I believe in you, and support you in this journey of positive change for you and your family. My ultimate goal and wish for you and your family, is that the information I share in Mindful parent Mastery will help you in drastically improving your, your children’s, and your family’s life in all areas of life.
Tina Costermans