Meditation in school and Transcendental Meditation

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them

“Albert Einstein”

A Baltimore school, Robert W. Coleman elementary school replaced detention with meditation. The results have been astonishing.
This elementary school did not have a single suspension last year. Traditional punishments are isolating and frustrating for students, as these punishments teach children they only deserve love when they behave as desired. But in this school, when a child gets in trouble, they get send to the Mindful Moment Room. Here, they do breathing exercises, and with every breath, they send love to any of those people that give them stress, or make them angry.


Also, they do yoga, and talk through the issue with a staff member. After meditation, children come back to their class, now attentive, and ready to learn. A 2013 study found that mindfulness training improves verbal gre scores by 60 points. The meditation program is part of the Holistic life foundation. HLF organizes after school programs and meditation rooms in schools across Baltimore. Rather than just disciplining children, HLF helps them learn ways of coping with stress and frustration.


Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation, and it’s advanced technique, the TM-Sidhi program, are evidence-based techniques for inner peace, health,  and wellness. TM is also a solution to help resolve developmental delays. More than 380 peer-reviewed research studies on the TM technique have been published in over 160 scientific journals. These studies were conducted at more than 200 research institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Stanford Medical School.


Now what can TM do for children in general, and children with a label of ADHD and other classified disorders? Published peer reviewed research studies have found that the basic TM-technique improves attention, improves behavior regulation, improves emotional control, improves memory, improves organizational skills, improves intelligence, and reduces stress and anxiety. Why is that so? Well, all these disorders are caused by an incorrect integration of all the different area’s within the brain. While practicing TM, the whole brain functions in a completed integrated way, a highly coherent way. Over time, it completely transforms the functioning of the brain, it brings a completely integrated functioning of the brain. Orderly brain functioning leads to rising IQ, improved moral reasoning, psychological stability, academic performance, self-actualization, and so on.


The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy for children to practice because it does not require controlled focus or concentration. Children can practice it without having to sit perfectly still, so every child can practice this meditation successfully.
The Transcendental meditation technique can be learned from 10 years of age.
Children under 10 receive a practice appropriate for the developmental stages of early childhood. This is called the Maharishi Word of Wisdom Technique. At five years of age, or sometimes even younger, children can learn this technique. This practice strengthens the mind and helps stabilize the emotions of the young child, which nourishes the inner being of the child in a gentle, holistic way.


According to brain research, no other technique known on earth can give this same result. TM is a powerful tool for everyone, not only for children with ADHD.


In general, it gives many health benefits, such as healthy relationships, a reduction of high blood pressure, decreased depression, lower risk of heart disease, quitting smoking, alcoholism treatment, reduced illness and medical expenditures, and increased insulin resistance, which is useful for preventing diabetes.


As you see, TM gives way more than just solving a problem. TM is effective, and gives no sides effects. Values towards people, applied in TM, stand right across with those of the pharmaceutical industry. The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught by a non-profit organization, and comes from India, from the Vedic tradition, which is thousands of years old. The word “Veda” means knowledge. The Vedic tradition is widely recognized as the oldest living tradition of knowledge on earth, maintained continuously and passed down from teacher to student. It is a broad-based tradition of knowledge which includes a wide diversity of areas. Just to name a few, it is the origin of Yoga, Ayurveda (healthcare), Vastu (Vedic architecture), and Vedic agriculture. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi re-enlivened this Vedic Science and Technology, which unfolds the full potential of Natural Law in human consciousness as the basis of improving all areas of life. According to quantum physicist John Hagelin, Vedic science is truly scientific. He declares Veda is the foundational level of natural law. Quantum physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller levels of reality.


According to research, doing this meditation during pregnancy, and practicing TM by children, and adults, is one of the best things to affect the positive development of yours, and your baby’s or child nervous system. This meditation works to resolve stresses in the nervous system, which are the causes, and complications of all nuisances and diseases in life. Primitive, or primary reflexes are at the start of a healthy nervous system. I discuss those, and how to stimulate their development, in: “The Basics of Mindful parenting.” This meditation works on the deepest level possible, even much deeper then sleep, as proven by research. Stresses are resolved during deep rest. However, one is clearly awake and aware while meditating.


The Transcendental Meditation technique allows your mind to settle down to the source of thought and experience pure consciousness — a state of restful alertness. For instance, Iraq, and Afghanistan war veterans showed a 50% reduction in post-traumatic stress disorder after practicing 8 weeks of transcendental meditation.


The advanced TM-Sidhi program trains you to think and act from this most silent and powerful level of the mind. Students describe the experience of this technique as one of happiness, energy, bliss, and inner freedom, with these qualities carrying over into their daily life.


“If we have practiced the TM-Sidhi program, then the conscious mind will always start thinking from that deepest level of the self-referral state of intelligence. And any thought that emerges consciously from there has the support of all the laws of nature. And any though with the full support of natural law will always be fulfilled quickly without loss of time, without struggle and strife.” – Maharishi


I practiced TM during pregnancy. I did not do the Siddhi-program yet back then.  I can’ t know for sure how much influence TM had on my pregnancy, but I can say I had a so-to-say; perfect pregnancy. I was never nauseous or ill, and when my daughter was born, she had an Apgar score of 10. I have had sleeping problems for years, which were, in my case, resolved from the first night after I learned TM. I practice both programs now, twice a day. These programs are one of the highlights of my day, as I love to do them. The mind loves to be in the transcendental state, as it is one of the higher states of consciousness. I have less worries, and I experience more happiness and bliss in my daily life. I feel more gratefulness for what I have, and I feel a big, big thirst to experience life. I turn easily away from negativity and gossip. I reach my goals faster. And not only that, since I practice the Maharishi Yoga Asanas, and the Siddhi program, my body ‘s shapes are sharpened. I did not do the yoga asanas when I only practiced TM, because i looked at them as some old people’s exercises. I could not have been more wrong! Now, i have a more narrow waist, a more firm, and even more straight back, and my legs are stronger. Yes, I have a better body shape and condition in general. Yoga Asanas realign the body and the nervous system, clear energy obstacles, and detoxify the body because they increase the circulation of the lymphatic and blood fluids, and by moving the organs.  TM is also a powerful anti-aging tool for anyone in any age. A study found that the biological age of people who had been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique for less than 5 years were 5 years younger than their chronological age and those who had been practicing TM more than 5 years were 12 years younger than their chronological age.


For anyone who may doubt, when i talk about higher states of consciousness; practicing both of these programs does not make me feel i am somehow better than anyone else.


In fact, i realize even more how we are all equal, which is something I have always known by intuition. Practicing TM, and the Siddhi program on a regular basis are one of the very best decisions i have made in my life up until now. The programs are rather costly, and with the money the TM-organization is able to contribute to World Peace projects from the Veda, meaning gathering individuals into groups, practicing Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness.


For instance, research shows  compelling evidence that even a small group of practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation program—as few as 1% of a population—create a positive influence on society reducing crime, accidents, sickness, and other negative trends.
And there’s more; this technique also produces an increase in positive social, economic, and political trends.


This overall increase of positivity in societal trends arises from the increasing purity in collective consciousness of the entire population, created by hundreds of individuals practicing The Transcendental Meditation program. This phenomenon was discovered by scientists in 1974. It was named the Maharishi Effect in honor of Maharishi who had predicted it more than a decade earlier.


Group practice of the Sidhi-program was observed to be particularly beneficial, and that’s the reason it is one of those World Peace projects. Scientific studies on this phenomenon have demonstrated that a group of at least 9000 individuals practicing the Sidhi-program together can produce this coherence-creating effect on a global scale, reducing violence and negative trends worldwide.


I consider the cost of those programs as priceless, given the life-time value one receives for them.

This especially when we consider the medical costs most people would pay if they don’t invest in the Transcendental Meditation program, and when they rely on traditional medicine.

You can google this subject if you like to learn more, or to find a TM-teacher in your neighborhood.


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