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Overview The Basics of Mindful Parenting Course

A healthy nervous system is the basis of happiness and well-being in every area of our lives. This online video course aims to empower you, and your child build a healthy nervous system through mainly 3 of currently undervalued factors at our core which are Attachment Relationships, Healthy Play, and Self-Control. In this course, you will discover proven, heartfelt, and researched-based methods to drastically improve the quality of life for both you and your children.

Healthy parenting starts with parents who are in balanced and happy. That’s why subjects in this course are not only aimed towards children, but also towards the parent, or adult.
Although this course is primarily directed towards parents of children from age 0 to 8, it is recommended for everyone, as it offers a deeper understanding of what’s needed for a child, an adult, and our world for their development towards living from a state of happiness, fulfilment, and a higher order of being.

Therefore, if you would also love to stop being held back by the limitations, self-destructive conditioning, negative beliefs, and bad habits that you received in the past, to take control of your life, and to not only create the joyful and abundant life you desire, but to help your children do the same, then this course is recommended for you.
This course offers you online access to pre-recorded video mentoring by Tina Costermans.

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MODULE 1: The Basics of Our Brains


A tour into our brain
How our brains become stronger by love and attachment
The importance of physical touch
Newborns, physical touch, and the unknown importance of a vaginal delivery.
You’ d be surprised about the sling!
5 crucial habits that stimulate your child’s brain.
Be aware of peer orientation.
– Peer-orientation
– Shyness and social relationships
– Does a child needs friends?
– Stimulate creative loneliness play
– Building a community of attachment
– Raising awareness in society
– Raising awareness in ourselves.
About premature babies.
What to look for when picking a childcare center?


Playing is as breathing, critical for the brains.
Movement and play for adults
Primary and Transitory reflexes, Postural reflexes and Foundational Learning skills.

For each of these, we discuss what it is, what can happen if not well inhibited, and how to stimulate their correct development. Included are original play exercises that help prevent problems, and stimulate inhibition of reflexes and the development of many foundational learning skills.

– Primary and Transitory reflexes
– Introduction
– Primary, or Primitive reflexes.
– Moro reflex
– The Juvenile Suck and Swallow reflexes
– The Palmar and  Plantar reflexes
– Fear Paralysis reflex
– The Spinal-Galant reflex.
– Primitive reflexes of position: ATNR, STNR, TLR
– Postural reflexes and Foundational Learning skills.
– Introduction
– Head Righting reflex
– Balancing reflex
– The Vestibular System
– The senses: Hearing, Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell
– Proprioception
– Laterality
– Directionality
– Crossing the Midline
– Body/Spatial awareness
– Fine and Gross motor skills
– Visual skills
– Auditory skills
– Imagination
– Imaginary friends
– Quantum physics and the creative power of thought
The harmful impact of TV, and other screens on your child’s brain

-What can you do for children with regard to screen time?
More basics about ADHD parents should know.

What is ADHD?

– ADHD is not a neurological disorder
– Eight reasons why children behave as they do:
– Play, and nature play
– Extremely low levels of toxins can impact brain development.
– Stress
– Nutrition
– Sleep
– Vaccinations and medications
– WIFI and other EMF’s
– Premature babies
– Why this pressure from schools?
– Medical doctors and ADHD medication
– The working mechanism of ADHD and other psychotics
– Important note about bio-engineered foods
– Effects of Ritalin medication
– Children are dying from Ritalin and related psychotics. What if you would know the following facts?
– And what if you would know this?
– TM and other solutions in the treatment of ADHD.
Why playing in nature?
– Why play in nature?
– An eye-opening idea.
– Nature as a metaphor
– Architecture planning in harmony with natural law.
– Appreciating nature through experience.
– Busting our child’s immune system
– Peer orientation and nature
– How to deal with our fears about outside play
– How to protect our child best and discuss disasters
– A bizarre legal system
– Consequences of a lack of nature play
– Waking up our child’s interest to spend time outside
Playing with pets and animals
– A scientific look
– Animals as a guide to awareness
– Questions to consider whether getting a pet or not.
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