The damaging effects of WIFI, microwave, and other electromagnetic fields.

The damaging effects of wifi, microwave, and other electromagnetic fields.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” (Martin Luther King, jr.)

1: The health risks of EMF’s.
2: Here are 11 reasons for eliminating your microwave.
3: About WIFI
4: About cell phones and I phones.
5: About cordless home phones.
6: About airport X-ray machines and millimeter wave machines.
7: About electrical devices.
8: What can we do?
5 action steps.
5 precautions you can take.


1: The health risks of EMF’s.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence of health risks from wireless devices and other forms of EMF. Thousands of studies worldwide confirm this.

The BioInitiative Report, for example, updated in 2012 by 29 scientists, states that biological effects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. The report also concludes that the existing standards for public safety are completely inadequate to protect your health. The status quo is not acceptable in light of the evidence for harm.”
The message of the report is clear. In the absence of adequate safety standards for protection against EMFs and wireless exposures people need to be pro-active and act now to protect themselves from these dangers.
It has not been determined by scientific or medical, but only based on financially political grounds that radiation can not cause damage, when no tissue heating occurs. Radiation complaints that nevertheless occur, are to be attributed to other causes. The WHO, who is supposed to protect the health of people worldwide, has published a handbook specifically for directors to brush off citizens who are suffering from radiation. In accordance with this policy, radiation complaints are considered as “risk perception”. The WHO also made an effort hereby in its fact sheet ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’. It was further agreed that all epidemiological studies which showed that this policy was untenable “did not meet the criteria of the state of science” and “were not properly carried out scientifically.”
EMF radiation stands for electromagnetic field.
Everything that exists, including every cell in your body has its own electromagnetic field.
The EMF’s that are created by mankind are usually quite harmfull. Artificial EMFs overwhelm your body’s own electrical fields, change their naturally occuring frequency and distort the balance of the body’s electromagnetic field and its communication systems.
They cause damage, particularly genetic damage, neurological disease, immune dysfunction, cancer, decreased fertility, the production of stress-proteins, and cognitive damage. EMF’s can affect the way we think, how we feel and what we do. There is a strong evidence that EMFs and radio/microwave frequencies are associated with accelerated aging (enhanced cell death and cancer) and moods, depression, suicide, anger, rage and violence, primarily through alteration of cellular calcium ions and the melatonin/serotonin balance.”
Scientists have discovered that each illness has a different frequency which is always within a definite range. Optimal frequency is when our frequency is in balance, when each cell of our body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to vibrate.
Now perhaps you will say : But i can’t do anything about that, wifi is everywhere. It’s true that wifi is everywhere, but this certainly does not mean you can’t do anything about it. There are solutions. Some of them restore the naturally occuring frequency of the body. And next to that, there are a large number of things you can do to protect you and your child, and neutralize the bad EMF’s. I will present them to you later on, as you first need to know what these artificial EMF’s do. Once you know that, chances increase you will take action.
However, if you still feel such action is pointless in the sea of bad EMF’s, then ask yourself : How can this feeling help me ? It only causes you to do nothing.

And therefore : how can doing nothing help you, and improve your or your childs health?

Especially because children are extremely vulnearable for EMF’s, even untill the age of 22. Did you know the ovaries of girls are physiologically extremely vulnerable to this exposure ?
Childrens health should be put ahead of convenience and commercial benefits. Multiple scientists believe there may be no ‘safe’ exposure level, particularly when it comes to chronic exposures. Frankly, most of our modern technical devices are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely.
The American Academy of Pediatrics, in a letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich dated 12 December 2012 states the following:
“Children are disproportionately affected by environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation. The differences in bone density and the amount of fluid in a child’s brain compared to an adult’s brain could allow children to absorb greater quantities of RF energy deeper into their brains than adults. It is essential that any new standards for cell phones or other wireless devices be based on protecting the youngest and most vulnerable populations to ensure they are safeguarded through their lifetimes.”

When it comes to magnetic radiation, which is part of any EMF, the body is as easily penetrated as air. This means if you are near a powerful EMF, electromagnetic radiation isn’t just around you, it’s inside you.

And did you know that exposure to extremely low frequency electric or magnetic fields of sufficient intensity and duration can affect pineal gland function too ? The pineal gland is essential for our awareness, and mindful, conscious actions.

And it not only affects humans, it affects everything in nature. Honeybees, who are vital to maintaining the world’s food supply, are also being effected by EMF pollution, next to herbicides as roundup and other agents. Bees navigate on earth magnetic properties, and because these are disturbed, they lose their way home. Other species like birds suffer from this to.

Let’s take a look at the effects of the 5 following factors on our health:


2: Here are 11 reasons for eliminating your microwave.

1: Microwaves can cause cot death. (Barrie Trower, a royal navy microwave weapons expert).
This can happen when a transmitter like a microwave, fridge, or other appliance is placed on the other side of the wall or nearby where the baby sleeps,

2: The vitamins, minerals, nutrients, from the foods that are heated in the microwave, reduce, and are modified in their structure, so that they become useless for the human body.

3: The hormone production, from males as well as females is shut down when we continually eat foods from the microwave.

4: Continually eating foods from the microwave also results in an increasing amount of cancer cells in the human blood.

5: This also causes deficiencies in the immune system, via the lymph gland, and blood serum fluctuations.

6: Foods that are heated in the microwave cause a loss of concentration, loss of memory, emotional instability, and a reduced intelligence.

7: On the long-term, it causes permanent brain damage due to short circuits in the electrical impulses in the brains.

8: When cooked in a microwave oven, the minerals in vegetables are transformed in cancer-causing free radicals.

9: Foods heated in the microwave can cause stomach and colon cancer, by tumors.

10: The human body can’t break down the bad by-products that arise from the heating of the foods, and the effects that those give are permanent in the human body.

11 : I quote Barrie Trower here. He explains that microwaves are used as weapons, as they are today. It is a perfect stealth weapon. When governments don’t like a group of people, then microwaves can be used to microwave those people. One example of this were catholics in Northern Ireland to make them sick. It goes on all over the world. Peope don’ t know they are targeted, because the dose is very low. And it may take a year or 2, but you can cause neurological damage and cancers with low level microwaves. You can make all your opponants sick. It is a perfect weapon for governments.

3 : About WIFI

Wifi is extoled as safe by the industry, as well as gaming consoles for kids. Did you know the frequency of wifi is excactly the same as that from a microwave?
Microwave ovens and Wi-Fi operate on the same frequency, 2.4 GHz. In theory, a properly shielded microwave shouldn’t leak any radiation, but the reality is that they leak quite a bit. Wi-Fi is a radio signal, but it’s broadcasting on a much higher frequency than most broadcast radios operate on.
That’s why interference at 2.4 GHz can be caused by common wireless devices, like routers, along with baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, cordless telephones, video senders, and microwave ovens. Wireless devices like wifi and cordless phones transmit a constant signal whether the phone is in use or not.

Now, did you know that, with the invention of the microwave, it’s frequency was specifically chosen because it could penetrate deeply into tissue? And did you know the radiation from notebooks and wifi-equipment is extremely high?

Wifi is, aswell as UMTS, known for the fact that this radiation is particularly biologically active. This means that all sorts of harmful microbes, parasites, and funghi can be activated while using Wifi and UMTS.
Here what Barrie Trower, the royal navy microwave weapons expert, who i mentioned before says about wifi :
Whatever incentive people have to install Wifi, it is not worth the genetic problems it causes in children. A schoolgirl has 400,000 not fully developped eggs in her ovaries. These eggs are irradiated by wifi and the DNA in these eggs can absorb 10 times more radiation then all of the other dna in the body. Even if you have a safety level, then it is 10 times that. Wifi are transmitters. As well as the routers, as well as the ones on either side of you. This goes through the body, each time wifi is being used. Every child has a probability of being genetically damaged. This damaged DNA is passed on to every future generation. In the first 100 days of a pregnancy, all of the 400000 eggs of a female embryo are forming. These eggs are at maximum risk. They don’t have a defense mechanism, as adults have, that helps fight radiation. In the beginning of a pregnancy, most people don’t know they are pregnant and they don’t take precautions. In the first 56 days of pregnancy, we are inside out. Our organs are on the outside of the body. They are taking all the radiation and the damage. When these genetically damaged eggs are fertilized. the biggest damage is in the grandchildren. We already see this in animals, who have short reproductive cycles. There is a different case for boys too, logically. When we put wifi in a building where children are, we risk all of our future generations. These days you can have wifi in every room of the house. The mitochondrial dna in us can be traced back to the beginning of the human race and this is under natural circumstances unchanged. With wifi, we are sacryfysing our future generations because we save a little bit of money to drill holes in a wall and feed cable.
Most people don’t know about this unfortunately, so i advize you to act on this and spread the word about it. On You tube you can find video’s from Barrie Trower and other sources about this matter.

4: About cellphones and I phones:

Cell phone use doubles your risk of brain cancer. This number is increased to five times more likely if you began your cell phone use before the age of 20. That’s because the skulls of children are much thinner than the skulls of adults.
A normal cellphone harms our health up to 3 feet away.
Very toxic phones are I phones, Smart phones and Black Berries. The EMF’s from these devices are harmful up to 6 feet away. Therefore, it ‘s best to protect you and your family from their radiation.

5: About cordless home phones

DECT consists of a base station which transmits a signal 24 hours a day, 100 times per second. In addition, the transmission power at which this occurs is relatively high. When a DECT base station is plugged in – in terms of field strength – it is similar to a mobile phone mast 20 meters away! Whether you call or not, whether the handset is placed in the charger or not, or whether you remove the battery from the handset or not: it does not matter. The base station continually transmits it’s pulsed radiation.
Now what’s so bad about this?
The 100 signals per second are also called weldigitale pulsed radiation. It is this continuously pulsed radiation which forms a strong and dangerous load for the body. These pulses are sharp. They are fired as if they come from a machine gun. And the body registers this inaudible crackling machine gun. If you could hear it, you would literally go crazy. The blood brain barrier is a filter in our brain that protects the brain against heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals that enter the bloodstream via the drinking water, food and air pollution.

The point is; this pulsed radiation causes leakages in this filter through which the heavy metals etc. begin to seep through to the brains.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that the human body is very sensitive to pulsed radiation, such as those not only used in DECT, but also in GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and C2000.

DECT baby monitor is also out of the question. The site even calls it the baby killer. The radiation riddles your vulnerable baby. On April 10, 2008 the Belgian Prof. André van der Vorst stated the following at a hearing of the Flemish Parliament: “How perverse it is, that a baby monitor is basically a DECT? DECT was originally developed for industrial and commercial applications. Only one has put him in a colorful packaging to sell it to private individuals.
Russian roulette

If you think this is exaggerated, then why not do the test with your DECT-phone? Wrap aluminum foil around the plugged in base station. Then, after a week, keep this film against the light and you will find that the aluminum foil has become a kind of sieve, riddled with a multitude of small perforations, which is already visible on day five! Can you imagine how that pulsed radiation harms a human’s, or a baby’s body? When I found out about this myself, I immediately threw my DECT-phone away, and got myself an old fashion fixed phone.
It is the base of your cordless phone that’s the problem, not the handset. Their harmful waves of energy can range between one quarter and one half mile, depending on the strength of your particular phone. Thus every other cordless phone within range of your house can harm you. These waves pass through our windows, they do not pass through walls. That’s why they concentrate in rooms with natural lighting.

6: About airport X-ray machines and millimeter wave machines.


Many sources report the dangers of X-ray machines. I quote here some parts of Health Impact News.

X-raymachines emit low levels of ionizing radiation and can cause cancer.

The X-ray scanner exposes each square centimeter of your body to about 0,013 milliwatts of radiation. In short, this is sufficient to cause nerve damage, cancer, sterility, and induce gene mutations.

Some doctors opt out of the backscatter scan and instead go for a full-body pat-down. Among them is Dr. Dong Kim, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ neurosurgeon and chair of the department of neurosurgery at the University of Texas Medical School. “There is really no absolutely safe dose of radiation,” he says. “Each exposure is additive, and there is no need to incur any extra radiation when there is an alternative.”

Fetuses exposed to this radiation, will have an increased risk for birth defects, and children are far more vulnerable too, whilst this radiation affects adults too.

Europe has banned the airport X-ray scanners. However, the doses of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the millimeter wave technology can cause cancer too.

Here, the heating is a direct result of microwave frequencies entering the skin and inducing a certain level of atomic motion within the cellular structure. Or, in short; millimeter wave radiation microwaves your skin.Concentrated millimeter waves from these body scanners will destroy all the cells they’re targeted at, which means it will destroy every cell on the surface of your body.
Since I am aware of these dangers, I always ask for a pat-down at the airport instead of using the X-ray machine. One day, when I received a pat-down from airport staff, and when that woman found and asked about my EMF-protection that I carry on me, I explained her it helps me protect against EMF’s, such as from the X-ray machine. Then, the woman told me that someone who developpes these X-ray machines, and who they gave a pat down, explained her these machines harm the body. Now if someone who developpes those machines, talks about their bad effects, and bypasses them, then I think that’s enough of a proof that you can better avoid it, wouldn’t you agree?
These pat-downs may be physically uncomfortable, but it is still better than being blasted with harmful EMF’s.
In my experiences, these pat-downs have always been friendly, professional and non-invasive. If you are a woman, than a female staff member is called to give you the pat-down, so that’s also one possible block less to consider here. She will explain what she will do. She runs her gloved hands under your breasts and down your arms, the top of your thigs, and down your legs.
If you are having trouble to express you want a pat-down, then don’t worry about it. The staff gets this request on a daily basis. In case you would encounter a non-supportive staff member, just repeat calmly, politely and self-assured you want to opt out, they have to take your request seriously.

7: About electrical devices.

All electrical devices create harmful electromagnetic fields.

Magnetic fields are the part of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that penetrate concrete, steel and human bodies. Magnetic fields are measured in milliGauss (mG).
The EPA recommends you limit your magnetic field exposure to 0 .5mG to 2.5mG. A mG of 2.5 is considered very dangerous. Many experts however recommend avoiding levels of 2.0 milligauss or higher, as in some studies it has been linked to negative health effects. As explaned, scientists believe there may be no safe exposure level, especially towards children.
There are multiple EMF meters on the market.

Let’s take a look on some results with the EMF-meter, and the tools, or machines we use, measured in mG’s.
– Microwave: 100-500mG.
– Washing machine: 8-200mG
– Wireless laptop : past a 100mG. Never place it on your lap, where your reproductive organs are.
– Personal “sex toy” vibrators: >70mG with rotation function on.
– Fridge : The front gives 3mG. The back of a new freezer gives results above 100. It’s important to know that if your bedroom or other room where you or your children spend time is behind the wall of where there is a transmitter such as a freezer that this can give serious health problems. Many cot deaths are caused by this. The radiation goes right through the child’s vulnerable skull.
– Older fridge : between 3 and 100mG.
– Freezer : above 3mG.
– Blender: 50-220mG
– I-phone: from 3 to past 100mG, during a phone call. 3-70mG without making a phone call.
– Blackberry: past 100mG.
– Rice cooker: 4-5mG.

8 : What can we do ?

Scientific or medical grounds, and biological facts are largely being ignored. Scientists are not heard on the commites that set safety standards. Commercial pressures often delay the acceptance of health risks, even when scientific evidence is compelling. In the case of tobacco and asbestos for example, it took many decades before damage was established and accepted by health agencies and, during those decades, millions of people suffered from illness and died as a result of the delay. So the safety limits are much to high, moreover because there are no safety limits for children. The WHO and other international standard setting bodies are not acting to protect the publics health. We are all part of a large global experiment. Doctors are consequently likely to misdiagnose your disturbed mental or physical health issues caused by artificial EMF’s. They easily prescribe toxic drugs to surpress your symptoms, instead of dealing with the source of your complaints.
Thus it is up to us now to take action, because who else, but you, is going to look after you and your children ?
There are solutions to neutralize the EMF’s in your home. And there are also solutions to protect and heal the body from the EMF damage, or solutions to rebalance your personal biofield. And next to that, you can take your precautions at home.
Hereunder are different kinds of solutions.
I cannot advise you in which businesses are offering the most effective solutions, as i have a lack of knowledge about this. You will have to do your own research, to determine what fits you best. If I may give you a tip though that works for me, then I would advise you to look for tools that are based on the work of scientists, such as that from genius Patrick Flanagan, Wilhelm Reich, William Tiller, Karl Hans Welz, and Nikola Tesla.

5 action steps
1: I advise everyone to wear an EMF-protector on you and your child’s body, so that you are protected everywhere you go, as we are exposed to WIFI and harmful EMF’s everywhere. This could be a pendant or another utensil. My daughter wears a pendant around her tummy, for safety reasons. As the tummy grows, regularly check if the size of the pendant around the tummy fits well.

Also note that transformers near your home or underground power lines can cause harm to the body.

EMF-protection exist in various price categories, either manmade or natural tools. In general, manmade tools are more expensive, but can be highly effective. A great cost-effective natural solution, for instance is a black tourmaline stone, you can also use this to place upon your laptop, for example. As per my sources, it’s the best natural solution to protect against EMF’s. Research has been confirming the different protective effects of gemstones and minerals. Keep in mind that once a week, you have to discharge such a gemstone from the EMF’s he absorbs. Rock-crystal with milky quarts is ideal for this purpose.
2: There are tools that neutralize, or offer electromagnetic compensation, towards the harmful EMF’s in, and around your house.

3: There are utensils on the market, for electronics and buildings that help balance the body from operating electrical devices.

4 : You can find utensils for wireless phones and other screens, such as cases for iphones and ipads, or protective stickers to stick on them.

5: Detoxification and energizing
There are all kinds of products on the market for removal of toxic heavy metals, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins, and free radicals and electromagnetic radiation, from the body, or from water or foods. There exist also all kinds of products that you can use to re-energize your foods and drinks with, as the natural EMF’s in those are being damaged too.

5 precautions you can take :
1 : Unplug any electrical device you don’t use. Don’t forget the sleeping room here, as our bodies heal at night. Avoid sleeping with your head near an outlet or a gadget with artificial EMF’s.
Our bodies detoxify at night. That’s why it is important to create an EMF- free bedroom for you and your children. There are faraday cages which can help in this. This means you shield your bed or your child’s crib with a specially treated cloth, that blocks out the harmful waves.
You can also move your bed at least 5 feet from the wall so that you are protected for EMG’s from the electrical current. Moving your, or your child’s bed away from electrical sockets will help .

2 : Bluntly, get rid of you cordless home or baby phone, and replace it by the old fashion version.

3 : For our health, it is best we limit, or cease cell phone, iphone, and blackberry use. I agree, ceasing the use of the tool is a drastic solution. What i therefore strongly advice, if you can’t do that, is to stick some good EMF-protection upon these phones. I don’t have an i-phone or such, but i have EMF-protection on my cell phone.

4 : It is best for our children’s health they don’t use mobile phones, dect phones, iphones, and ipads, except in an emergency. If they do, then explain them about it, and gently limit their use of these tools, and apply EMF-protection.

5 : WiFi should be replaced with wired alternatives in schools, homes, and other settings where children spend time.

6 : For screening at the airport, skip the full body scanner and opt for a manual pat-down.


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