The working mechanism of ADHD-medication, and other related medications

The working mechanism of ADHD-medication, and other related medications.

When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.~ Arapaho Proverb

The pharmaceutical industry has called out this working mechanism as unknow, as the truth would not result in sales. A treatment for ADHD relies on making persons compulsive psychotic by administering chronically high doses of strong psychotics. Fernand Haesbrouck

The source of the working mechanism of ADHD-medication, and other related medications, is a Belgian pharmacist, Fernand Haesbrouck, who was still trained in enough chemical and pharmacological knowledge back then, and who has the courage to reveal to the rest of us how it works.

Fernand Haesbrouck was indicted on an anonymous complaint from a ‘higher authority’, but he was acquitted in early 2013 by the Order of Pharmacists of Belgium, which may indicate that his statements might be correct.

Here, you’ll find:

1: A little bit of explanation about ADHD, and the working mechanism of ADHD and related medications, in short, and in detail.
3: Most importantly: A word of life-changing wisdom related to these subjects.
4: A document about how the so-called learning disorders have sadly become a way for financially strapped schools to make ends meet.

I found this information in:

“Testimony of Patti Johnson Colorado State Board of Education member 2nd Congressional District before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing entitled “Behavioral Drugs in Schools: Questions and Concerns”

5: Understanding responsibility and forgiveness, and 8 factors why children behave as they do, which causes society to confuse these behaviors with ADHD-symptoms.

1: ADHD, and the working mechanism of ADHD and related medications, in short, and in detail. Note to the reader!!!

If you, or your children, take harmful medications, and you decide to stop taking these medications, after reading this blog, then keep the following in mind:

One stops best immediately with the taking of the medication, instead of gradually reducing the medication.

Reducing the medication, means that more neurons will be destroyed, which is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Gradually reduce, or tapering off the medication fits the consumption model. The consumption model counts on the fact that phasing usually fails, as, in doing so, one maintains the particular patterns, and brain connections related to the actions that one tries to stop, instead of breaking the connections between the undesired pattern down. Breaking those down are equal to stopping the behavior.

(Breaking down connections between neurons means breaking down undesired thoughts, idea’s, and behaviors. This is not to be confused with destroying neurons).

In our current world, people are not trained anymore to persist and carry through, if they want to achieve something. This lack of persistence is just another one of the many misunderstandings that exist in our minds.

This principle is given by Fernand Haesbrouck, and supported by the Personal development world.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , or ADD attention deficit disorder.

ADHD was first mentioned in the early 1960’s. Up until today there is no single medical, physical, or other test for diagnosing ADD/ADHD.

Doctors, and even school teachers, make diagnoses based on subjective impressions from a series of interviews and questionnaires.

Fernand Haesbrouck states the following:

A true diagnosis would be easily accomplished.

If ADHD would be a neurobiological disorder, then a neurobiological diagnosis would be required. Just as with diabetes wherein the measuring of the blood sugar level, as a diagnostic tool is used in order to start a healing therapy with insulin. Insulin is toxic to healthy patients. As with adrenocortical insufficiency high test dose of corticosteroids (ACTH) is used to identify its proper functioning. Cortisone is also a toxic substance when it is not applied for medically therapeutic use.

Fernand Haesbrouck says: Then I am surprised that EBM, as FBM, continue to refuse to enforce an existing mandatory neurobiological diagnostic tool for ADHD.

If the administration of antipsychotics in ADHD would heal statutory or genetically-impairment in the brains, then the body will respond relieved, and not defend itself with a dangers reflex, when harmful or toxic material is administered. Hence, it will suffice to just be administered as a cortisone-disorder, also a massive one-time dose of the test psychotic drug, which then can be tested for the dangers reflex. If no antibodies are detected, there is the certainty of a neurobiological disorder and the moral satisfaction that can be treated in the spirit of Hippocrates (“Do not harm”)

Fernand Haesbrouck says: “I pride myself fortunate to have been trained in chemical and pharmacological knowledge, while later generations initially with evidences and eventually had to adjust with only positive evidences. Because in the meantime diluted EBM (Evidence-Based-Medicine) to FBM (FIF-Based Medicine). Thereby setting a neurobiological diagnosis of ADHD forever as an “inconvenient fact,” will continue.

Doctors are not trained in pharmacology and know about medicines only what the pharmaceutical industry tells them with lobbying and corruption money.

Medicine is now based on positive evidences of the medication tests.”

Working mechanism in short:

A neuron has a cell wall and a cell content. The physiology of these two is very different. The receptors of the cell wall recognize ‘patterns’ of energy suppliers. This makes that ‘fake neurotransmitters’ effortlessly manage to penetrate through the cell wall into the physiological technology of the cell contents. The cell content itself is more selective however. The vesicles, with stocks of the real, healthy energy, do not recognize the foreign substances, and those substances remain where they do not belong, in the physiological technology of the neuron, so that their magnetic field burns the physiological technology of the neuron, and destroys it.

Working mechanism in detail:

In order to understand how it works, we must understand some basics first.

Billions of neurons form the kilometer-long network that not only sustains our behavior but also the entire living being.

How does a brain cell(nerve cell or neuron), produce an electric signal?

Brain cells are undoubtedly the most complex cells in our body.

In order to unravel the action of the brain, we need to do basic research into nerve cells, in living condition. Important milestones have already been reached. Today, some measurements can be well simulated by computer models.

In his inaugural lecture, Dr. Maarten Kole, who is specialized in cell biology, highlights the emergence of the electric signals, of which the flows are small, but measurable, and how these, go through a million of kilometers of neural pathways in the nervous system.

Electrochemical coded messages flash per microsecond to tens of billions of places at the same time, whether or not modified information of numerous memory cells, which as astrocytes in the neurons, preserve the “being alive”, of an organism.” Let’s explain this process.

First, What does a neuron looks like?

I (Tina) think a neuron looks like a long tree with its roots. The cell body of the neuron would be where the branches of the tree begin. The cell body is the factory of the neuron. It produces all the proteins for the synaptic terminals, axons, and dendrites. The cell body contains specialized organelles such as the mitochondria.

Dendrites represent the branches of the tree. They bring information to the cell body. The trunk of the tree would  be an axon. Now, the piping in the axons, or the trunk of the tree, is packed with astrocytes, or memory cells. An axon takes information away from the cell body. The roots of the tree would be the axon terminals, or synaptic terminals. These are connected with the dendrites of another neuron, to bring information over between the neurons.

The message that goes from one neuron at each synapse, to the other, is a measurable electrical signal.  This process  is achieved by a combination of the magnetic activity of dozens of different neurotransmitters.  Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, tyramine are a few examples of  neurotransmitters.

The chemical pattern of neurotransmitters consists mainly of three components:

An energy component ( indole, phenyl ), a nitrogen component ( amine, piperidine) bound by a connection chain (alkyl).

Now, the ring-shaped structure(carbons) of an indole and a phenyl containing unsaturated bonds between carbons, are jumping constant of place so that a magnetic field is created.

Next to this, Fernand Haesbrouck states that precisely that magnetic field is the source of energy, that the body uses to create the electrical stimuli from neuron to neuron.

Now, aside from this, I like to mention, quantum physicist, John Hagelin states the same in different words: he states that the Universe that emerges, which  is an infinite source of energy, has a particular gyometric shape. These are called superstrings, and they are infinitesimal elastic loops. These strings jump and vibrate, and they vibrate in certain ways, in different frequencies. The Universe is laid in structures of creation. Human consciousness, or the mind, has an exactly parallel structure as the Universe, according to John Hagelin. Mathematicians have been verifying this exact same structure, and have been dividing it up in greater detail. We as humans, are an expression of that infinite field of creativity, or Universe, no 2 persons are exactly the same, for instance.

Now, to continue,  note that these vital substances only consist of the primordial atoms of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, and that in a pattern such that the physiology of the cell can determine where and when the power supply is to be used in sending incentives. If the physiology of the cell can determine this, then this means a cell is intelligent.

Compare this to the forming of a beautiful sound of a piano. One hears a beautiful sound, when different keys of the piano are pushed simultaneously. Now, when the inside of the piano is disabled, when there is a problem, with the connection to the sounding of a note, then the sound we will hear, when we push a key, does not sound so good. Playing hundreds of billions of synapses simultaneously, with proper energy, cause a learned behavior.

Behavior is the result of a combination of different energy components, wherein the organism is based on a circuit of these small pieces.

Fake sounding music starts when several strings or particles under the instrument fail, the music player gets loss of control over the keys to be released.

Translated in behavior , one speaks of loss of control , strange behavior , delusions , hallucinations, and others symptoms.

Now, the stocks of the neurotransmitters are formed by the mitochondria, who are in the cell body of a neuron.  Important to know here is that these stocks are stored in containers, or vesicles, as they are called. The neuron stores that energy in special protective vesicles, to protect the vulnerable technology of the intelligent, physiological cell contents.

Here, in function of the received signals per synapse, after processing, and testing to its own existing information, it is ensured that the respective axon, passes a new specific, coded signal through the synapse, to the connecting dendrite of another neuron. Because of this process, the organism can proceed to certain actions.

Or, in other words; to make this more clear:

The piping in the axons, or the trunk of the tree, is packed with astrocytes(memories). The incoming magnetic information ensures that the astrocyte adapts the existing status of the message.

The new code contains the adjustments to the changed states, that arose from the processing of the received signals to the own memories of that specific neuron.

Now, this is a basic fact, which also forms the basis, for instance, for seemingly infinite memory systems in computer systems.

As a result, the thus-changed status is passed to the information stream. This continues until finally a new and modified magnetic command via the synapse to the next neuron is passed. Neurotransmitters in their different chemical compositions, serve only to give a colored palette of information via their respective magnetic components. Then, the organism, or living being, can carry out, per microsecond, the appropriate or inappropriate actions.

This process happens at billions of places at once, by fractions of a second, in our body. Fernand Haesbrouck therefore says it seems very naive to him to brag about a lack of serotonin, or other so-called lacks of any defects whatsoever, as the pharmaceutical industry tries to make people believe. He calls it; macabre nonsense on damaged neurons.

(Read more in point 4: Parents of children said to have these disorders are generally told that it is a neurological disorder or a chemical imbalance in the brain).

What is true however, is that the mitochondria in neurons ensure the following process: Mitochondria synthesize the neurotransmitters, or fuel, from the metabolites in a -healthy- nutrition. The mitochondria stock, supplies of the neurotransmitters, in the appropriate vesicles for everyday use.

Mitochondria play the same role as the chlorophyll in the plant kingdom, in which H2O (water) and CO2 are transformed from the air to O2, oxygen, and C (which is carbon – wood)

And now we come to the point:

Metabolites of harmful, unnatural foods, or metabolites coming from medical use and drugs, such as ADHD- medication, are the cause that the mitochondria start to produce a different, toxic fuel for the body.

Another example here which causes this effect are products where residues of chemicals can be shown, such as those which are usually used as pesticides, for instance glyphosate(Roundup), according to Fernand Haesbrouck.

The destruction is due to the fact that these toxic materials possess the same basic energy model as the neurotransmitters that provide the energy required by the electric stimulant transfer system.

These unhealthy metabolites are fake neurotransmitters. This unhealthy fuel cannot be stored in the appropriate containers, or vesicles. As a neuron stores the stocks of healthy neurotransmitters in special protective vesicles, to protect the vulnerable technology of the physiological cell content.

But now, this unhealthy fuel comes into the physiologic fluid of the neuron. This then destroys the chemical equilibria in the physiological fluid of the neuron. But not only that, the semi-permeable cell walls of the neurons also become burned by the magnetic field that does not belong there. After all, the receptors in the cell walls are less selective than the vesicles in the cells themselves, which keep the natural energetic components apart from the physiological fluid in the cells.

This is why strange energy patterns, from the harmful medications, once in the cell, cannot find a way back into a protective vesicle, meaning that the magnetic field from the energetic component breaks up the physiology of the cell and thereby destroys the neuron. Destroying neurons equals interrupting the information stream of data.

This then is the cause that neurons die, synapses who do not pass information through anymore, and, behavioral changes, and new diseases. Fernand Haesbrouck call this new diseases, the so- called side effects. The strongest stimulants are used as psychotics in dosages until the side effects are reached. A psychotic behavior is a side effect because the neurons are destroyed.

Here are some similar harmful fake neurotransmitters: You may want to check your medication now, in case you take those:

  • Phenylalkylamines: which are most of the modern antidepressants, or SSRI’s.Other phenylalkylamines are amphetamines, XTC, and MDMA; which is a psychoactive drug,
  • Indoles. Indoles are for instance, LSD, and ergotamine.
  • Phenylpiperidines are cocaine, Trazolan, Seroxat, Paroxetine, champix.
  • Prodrugs are cannabinoids, topiramate, and valproate.

These chemical components will cause the mitochondria in neurons to produce fake neurotransmitters, and a danger reflex in the body. The pharmaceutical industry calls this danger reflex a healing therapeutic effect, as the patient behaves as desired. Seeming quiet is simply being compulsively psychotic. Children who took ADHD-medication obtain a robotlike behavior, what simply means a compulsively psychotic behavior.

Almost all chronic users must be corrected with antipsychotics (Risperdal, Pipamperone, Zyprexa) because of a control loss concerning behavior such as tics, hallucinations, and aggression. Virtually all of the school shootings happen by children who took those kind of medications.

Messing around with neurons means messing around with that Infinite Field or creativity, or Universe, that is expressed in each and every one of us.

A review of 20-years-of scientific literature on using stimulant medications, including Ritalin, to treat children with ADD and ADHD found a consensus: there is no documented long-term benefit (academic achievement or pro-social behavior) in using psychoactive drugs.

Ritalin is a Schedule II Substance (along with opium, cocaine and amphetamines), which means Ritalin has a “high potential for abuse” that “may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.”

Similar, illegal pills, such as XTC, have a known working mechanism. But, with the same kind of pills, such as ADHD-medication, their working mechanism becomes unknown.

The source of this information is the website of Fernand Haesbrouck: “”. I have translated information, and composed a text that is easier to understand, in my opinion, as the information one can find in English, is fairly limited, on:”


Be aware of the dangers of GMO-foods, or bioengineered foods too. Viral promoters are invasive agents used by genetic engineers to trick a cell into accepting and integrating an alien gene into the cell’s own DNA. John Hagelin states the following: “The FDA’s internal records reveal that its own experts clearly recognized the potential for gene-splicing to induce production of unpredicted toxins and carcinogens in the resultant food.”

3: A word of life-changing wisdom related to these subjects.

I don’t like to stop anyone from making money. It’s actually quite the contrary.

The world is becoming conscious quickly. Monsanto has already started selling some of their grounds. Whatever we do to another, will always return to us in the end. So here are real evergreen solutions:

–  The pharmaceutical industry could transform itself into a giant source of Ayurvedic medicine, from the Veda. Vedic medicine is identified by science, as Unified Field medicine, and far more profound, far more advanced then modern, chemical  medicine. This is because these nuclear, and sub nuclear  levels where Vedic medicine heals, are millions of times more powerful then chemical medicine. They are also naturally free of side effects. Because we are dealing with the body at a holistic level, or with other words, the whole body, at the level of Unity. Doctors could get educated in this technology of the Veda too.

– Chemical companies such as Monsanto and BASF, could go organic, or even step over to the more profound Maharishi Vedic Organic agriculture. Geniuses such as Patrick Flanagan have found the solutions to reverse the effects of GMO.

A naïve, foolish, and ridiculous vision?

When John F. Kennedy asked Dr. Werner Von Braun, the German scientist, what it would take, to build a rocket that would carry a man to the moon, and bring him back safely to earth, then Werner Von Braun answered him in 5 simple words:

“The Will to do it.”

The best decisions in life are always those that:

– Are taken with a heart for people and nature in mind.

– The ones that excites us most, that feel most alive and expansive. Our own DNA is a spiral, life itself is always seeking for a better, more fulfilling and expansive version of itself.

Those multinationals, would then rewrite history. They would become hero’s, and inspirations of showing the world, that we can only learn through making mistakes. That’s how every single one of us learns to do something new, it’s simply how the brains work. They would show the world a lesson about responsibility, in giving the very best example themselves. Causing a massive world change, and assuring evergreen profits for themselves.

After all, those people could not help it they grew up in an environment that did not give them the support they needed to take conscious decisions. However:

“With every decision we take now, we determine who we are.”  (Personal development quote)
Werner von Braun became the head of the space program in the innovation department to bring together the top scientists of the world.

When he did, it was discovered that he had the world ”love” in every language on the planet all around his office.

In the board meetings, one of the premier scientists said to him, doctor Von Braun, I  hold you in high esteem. However, I  need to let you know that scientifically it is absolutely mathematically impossible for us to project ourselves beyond the Van Allan radiation belt. This man spoke with self-assurance and knowledge.

Von Braun looked at him and said: 

“If you cannot imagine us past the Van Allen radiation belt, then you don’t belong in this program. Because to the power of love, I have already imagined us outside of it. Love is the most potent force in the world, it’s greater then all your science”.

That story took us to the moon and back again safely. Only love, and forgiveness, can take us beyond any perceived, or even real barrier.

What we usually understand as forgiveness, is simply another misunderstood concept of this world.

Forgiving is something that you don’t do for the person that harmed you. You do it for yourself. So that you don’t allow the other person, or yourself, your ego, that blames you for doing things wrong, to control you, and your thoughts anymore. Forgiving does not mean you approve the harmful behavior of the one you forgive; it means you look at that person with love and compassion. Real forgiveness allows you to escape from the bad conditions of the past, so you can start a new beginning without the old, harmful circumstances. You don’t allow another person, or yourself, to keep you stuck anymore.

So that your new, and fresh days, are free from the suffering from the past. There is no sin. We, as people, are supposed to learn from our mistakes, and take better decisions in the future. That’s how the brains work. After all, every previous action was taken with the very best thinking that we could come up with in that very moment.

Therefore, open yourself up to see that all unmindful actions are caused by an unmindful, non-supportive environment.

People only hurt people, because they were hurt themselves.

Because they did not have the right support that allowed them to take the very best decisions.

All people deserve unconditional love, no matter their previous actions, it is everybody’s birth right.

Everything that happens that seems bad, happens for only one purpose: Inner Growth.

“The ‘conditions’ of our life, are the ‘curriculum of our evolution”.

Mary Morrissey

Science discovered that every thought has creative powers. Everything is created twice. Everything first was a thought, before it could become a thing.

We will create more of whatever we focus upon. Just as when you plant an apple tree, you will get apple’s. You will not get coconut’s. That’s obvious, right? That apple seed will give you lots of big, beautiful apples, as long as you give it your care, and nourish that apple seed.

And so will each thought seed also produce its corresponding results, when we nourish it, or focus upon it.

No matter how big, or how small it may seem to the limited perception of our understanding.

In fact, s**t is even absolutely necessary to create the very best things, to create that what nourishes us most. And so, it is no different with the conditions of our lives.

The most beautiful, astonishing, and brilliant things are created out of exactly those situations that seem insurmountable.

Because it is in those, seemingly bad situations that we are challenged to discover who we really are, and what we are truly capable of being and doing.

Imagine what a giant impact the transformation of these current conditions could have on the planet….Imagine what beautiful, life-changing idea’s and action steps those multinationals could come up with…

So let’s start at looking at things from another point of view.

What if we would send those who hurt us our blessings and our love?

Gandhi said:

The voice for truth, some call it the still, small voice, speaks to every person on the planet, every single day.”
It’s that intuitive guidance, which gives us ideas of love, and wisdom.

And that voice is as loud as our willingness to listen.
The human heart has a calculation system that is zillions of times more accurate and powerful than any reasoning of the logical mind.

That truth hits us in the face when we listen to Lionel Richie’s beautiful song: “Love, oh love. “

A few lines:

“Show the world and all it’s people, all the wonders love can bring.
Give us strength and understanding, give us all one song to sing.
We all have one heart, everyone of us must lend a hand.
All the walls are falling down, no more children off to war.
If we search in our hearts, all the suffering will be no more.
It’s time to stand up, to a new world that is now so near.”
And freedom, no more lies
We can save this world if we try
One world I know we can make it
Yes, it’s only in your heart
Yes, it’s only in your dreams
You can climb the highest mountains
You can make the whole world sing


Follow your heart, it knows the way, although our head can’t understand it.
When we follow our hearts, then that still, small voice, will whisper solutions for all problems in our ears.
Solutions that are not given to us, when we don’t act from our heart; when we act from the head.

We have to match the right frequency, so we can find it. Just as the frequency of Disney channel on TV will never bring forward the sports results you like to see.

Just as an apple seed can never produce coconuts.

If you listen to your heart, you will notice that it will automatically weave the threads for you, between thinking, and knowing, between what’s visible, and what’s invisible, and between the being, and the having.

My own life is a perfect example of that, in every area. I acted on my intuition, even though my ego said my actions were ridiculous, and look where I am today.

We are born to become who we desire to be, and that desire is inseparable connected with the circumstances and conditions of our lives.

That desire is no secret. There are no secrets. Secrets are there, to be discovered one day. Humans themselves created a separation between themselves, and that all knowing Universe, because they learned to neglect their hearts.

In the Universe, everything, and everything that is required for the fulfilment of our dreams, is already there. Start with knowing the desire, then trust, and act.

“We are not in a have, do, be life-
We are in a be, do, have life.”
Mary Morrissey


What will have mattered most, when we breath out our last breath, and leave all of our money behind?

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money”.

Prophecy of the Cree Indians

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

~  Chief Seattle

We, as people, are built to work together. Science shows we are all connected. Just as nature is. When we harm one aspect of nature, that that will have its effect in the entire ecological system. We are part of nature, as every single person is a different expression of that infinite, creative field of intelligence. Every person on this planet has an unique thumbprint. Everything is energy and information, which affects all other things. Every action matters.

What if scientists who are familiar with the technologies of the Veda, would write a plan about how multinationals could transform themselves into Unified-Field-based technologies, and how schools could have more than enough financial resources instead of taking funds from pro-harmful medication institutions? After all, once the world becomes more conscious, money that is now spend unconsciously, could be used for what’s most important: the conscious education of our children.

“Inspiration without action, is merely entertainment. Act on your inspiration today”
Mary Morrissey.

4: A document about how the so-called learning disorders have sadly become a way for financially strapped schools to make ends meet.

Here, i added most of the testimony of Patti Johnson Colorado State Board of Education member 2nd Congressional District before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing entitled “Behavioral Drugs in Schools: Questions and Concerns”

Patti Johnson:

“I have been a member of the Colorado State Board of Education for the last six years. One of my platforms when I ran for office was to empower parents in their right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

Over the years I was contacted by a number of parents who had been pressured to put their children on various psychotropic drugs for a variety of so-called learning disorders, the most common of which was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In some cases they were told their child would not be allowed to attend school if he did not begin taking psychotropic drugs.

One parent who was given the option of placing her son on a stimulant drug or removing him from school elected to home school her son. She told me that it just didn’ t make sense that a straight A student would be labeled “learning disabled.” A Douglas County parent I spoke with said she was told her son had ADHD.

What she was being told about the behavior her son supposedly exhibited and what she observed were not consistent. She investigated the matter and the school s special education director eventually admitted that she had coaxed the teacher to answer the questions of the checklist used to determine if the child had ADHD in a certain manner so her son “would get the help he needed.” This infuriated her so badly she removed her son from the school.

A Jefferson County parent who contacted me said he at first complied with the school s direction to have his son take a stimulant drug. The drug caused his son to become violent, he began taking steak knives out of the kitchen and stabbing his stuffed animals. When the parent took him off the drug, the principal of the school began pressuring him to resume the stimulant — so much pressure that the matter is now in court and the father could forfeit parental rights if he disagrees with the decision of the court on whether or not to place his child on Ritalin. Many more examples exist.

When I investigated the issue I realized that the so-called psychiatric learning disorders are an effort to “medicalize” failures in instruction and discipline at the expense of the child s wellbeing and the rights of the parent. Some of the learning disorders listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) illustrate this point.

For example, the fourth edition lists number “315.1, Mathematics Disorder.” The diagnostic criteria for this is “Mathematical ability, as measured by individually administered standardized tests, is substantially below that expected given the person s chronological age, measured intelligence, and age-appropriate education.” Likewise, the diagnostic criteria for “315.2, Disorder of Written Expression” labels the child with this disorder if he scores low on written tests.

(Tina: Someone who is knowledgeable about how the human brain works, knows that there cannot exist such thing as a “mathematics disorder.”)

The label of ADHD is assigned if the child exhibits such symptoms as not listening when spoken to, is forgetful, fails to finish homework, fidgets, talks excessively, etc. — the typical behavior of a normal child. Parents of children said to have these disorders are generally told that it is a neurological disorder or a chemical imbalance in the brain. Yet, at a Consensus Development Panel conducted by the National Institutes of Health on ADHD in November 1998, it was reported that “We do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction. Further research to establish the validity of the disorder continues to be a problem. This is not unique to ADHD, but applies as well to most psychiatric disorders…”

Educators are not allowed by law to practice medicine. Yet, the adjudication a child has one of these “disorders” and should be placed on “medication” and into special education is often done by a team which includes the parent, a teacher, a social worker, a special education teacher and the principal. The above factors led me to introduce a resolution before the Colorado State Board of Education entitled “Promoting the use of academic solutions to resolve problems with behavior, attention and learning.” It reminded educators that their role was to teach and urged them to refrain from advising parents on medical matters. This was passed by a vote of 6 to 1 by the Board in November 1999.

Unfortunately, financial incentives exist for schools to label children with learning disorders. Understanding these incentives requires a brief review of the laws that affect special education.

The legislation which is now the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was originally the Education for all Handicapped Children Act of 1975. The intent of this legislation was to ensure that children with actual physical handicaps — sight impairment, hearing loss, etc. — were given the public education they are entitled to. This law was reauthorized in 1990 and the name changed to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. There were few procedural changes but the term “handicapped” was changed to “disabilities.” The following year a memo was issued by the US Dept. of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services which stated a child could qualify for special education if he was determined to have ADHD.

In IDEA as passed in 1999, the impairment category of “emotional disturbance.” is defined in part to say the child has “An inability to learn that can not be explained by intellectual, sensory, or health factors.” There is no mention of the fact that this may be due to a failure to instruct properly.

In December 1999, the Los Angeles Times reported that tens of thousands of California s special education students were placed there not because they have a serious mental or emotional handicap, but because they were never taught to read properly. Reid Lyon, head of the federal government s research efforts into reading and writing told the Times, “It is where children who weren’t taught well go in many cases.”

The intent of the original law, the Education for all Handicapped Children Act of 1975, was to ensure those with physical disabilities received a free and appropriate public education. These children are now being shortchanged because such a large percentage of special education funds are being diverted to vague psychiatric diagnoses. In 1998, 51.1 percent of special education children were in the category of “specific learning disabilities.” These are the psychiatric diagnoses such as Mathematics Disorder, Disorder of Written expression and ADHD. Other disability categories also include psychiatric diagnoses. IDEA legislation also contains a “child find” provision which requires states to actively seek out any children who may qualify for special education in order to receive federal special education funds. The child find program starts at birth in Colorado. This, of course, serves to push up the numbers of children labeled with ADHD.

The so-called learning disorders have, sadly, become a way for financially strapped schools to make ends meet. In many states, schools have become authorized Medicaid providers and funds can be collected in behalf of a child labeled with one of the learning or behavior disorders.

To assist schools in identifying children to label with “learning disorders,” a number of checklists are made available to schools through the ERIC (Educational Resource and Information Center) database, which is a federal clearing house for educational materials. Yet, despite the expense created by such actions, these children are not receiving the education they are entitled to. Though the standards set for special education children are often lower, their graduation rate in the 1995 -1996 year was only 28.9 percent!

To the degree educators are expected to diagnose children, they are being distracted from their main duty which is to provide our children a quality education. Our schools are the only institution entrusted to attend to the academic needs of our children and their mission must not be diluted. I urge this committee to do everything in its power to get schools out of the business of labeling children and back to the job of teaching.”

Thank you. Patti Johnson Colorado State Board of Education Second Congressional District

5: Understanding responsibility and forgiveness, and 8 factors why children behave as they do, which causes society to confuse these behaviors with ADHD-symptoms.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”
Mahatma Gandhi

We are trained in society to hold other people responsible for the bad circumstances of our lives.

This conditioning, allows the system to have control over the population. People just merely accept bad decisions from authorities, feeling powerless. It causes people to do nothing, stand still, and to remain under the control of those who govern them.

Handing over the responsibility for our own lives, to other people, makes us completely powerless, and vulnerable to the manipulations of other people, and authorities.

I don’t say to start a battle here, on the contrary. Forcing people to do something will never lead to change. People will only change when they truly want to work on changing themselves. This happens when they see for themselves that their previous actions were not right. Someone who is addicted to something for instance, will only change when they allow themselves to see that they are addicted. When they decide for themselves they want to stop the addiction.

Blaming others therefore, will never lead to change. Only inner change, and the decision to change our circumstances, can bring true change. If you are not going to take responsibility for your life, for your decisions, and actions, then why should someone else?

As we find in this information, the ones who govern society do not really care, or better expressed, they are unconscious. But you already knew that, right?

It’s easy for us to give responsibility to others, so then we don’t have to be responsible for our own actions. Responsibility means the ability to respond. All the laws that are made who hold others responsible for our actions, deny the fact that we learn by making mistakes. They deny how the brains work, and they deny our humanity. Our mistakes are our best teachers. Making mistakes allows you to become good at something, it’s how you learned to walk, it’s how you learned to do everything else in life. Giving responsibility to other people for the bad things that happen to us, or for our own actions, will always bring further negative results. It gives society more stress and problems. It is a thing,  that organizations use,  who don’t value important values in life, to mislead their customers, such as the pharmaceutical industry. It’s easy to hide under the protection of a law that takes away our responsibility.  It is not only used by organizations, but also by individuals, to gain money, for trying to repair something that happened which we could have avoided ourselves.

Its unconsciousness at work on every level.

Bad laws invoke dishonest behavior, such as trying to gain huge amounts of money, in an attempt to repair something through holding someone else responsible for the harmful actions that we took ourselves.

Unfortunately, there is only one thing that we have total control about, and that are our own thoughts, and actions. Nothing else. We can never have total control about the actions of other people.

If we recognize we are the only ones that can be hold responsible for our own thoughts and actions, then, and only then, will we be able to develop a society in harmony with nature, and create a life in line with what we want to achieve.

Because responsibility forces us to take positive action to achieve our goals.

Responsibility forces us to think about our lives, about who we want to be, and what we want to achieve in this life we have.

It is only You, that can decide that for you. It is your right only.

We don’t have to go through life,  being a victim of what happened in the past, if we choose not to. If you do, then you allow the people who hurt you to not only control your past, but also to control your fresh and new days.

Research shows we are all the results of how the environment has shaped our brains, our mindset. This is until we decide to take responsibility for our previous decisions, and our current, and future moments.

So don’t choose to give power to circumstances, and people, outside yourself, because those will then always be the ones that control you, keeping you stuck.

One of the hardest things to do in life, is to admit that we were wrong, and that’s why so few people do it. We think we are weak when we do so. The opposite is true: It takes a lot of guts to admit we were wrong.

And when we do, others don’t actually think we are weak. In fact, they like you better as they see you have the maturity to admit that you were wrong. If you lead by example, then other people will be encouraged to follow in your footsteps, as they see it is an act of greatness.

Forcing people to do something will lead to more struggle. If you vibrate struggle, you will always create more struggle and resistance. Do you want to be happy? Yes? Start to focus on love, start to focus on forgiveness.

Take responsibility, if you somehow allowed, or encouraged the use of harmful medications. Forgive the big pharma, forgive the authorities, forgive the schools, and forgive yourself.

And then, love yourself, and send those other people you previously blamed your love, and your blessings. You will than create the most potent pathway for change, which will bring forth awesome, unexpected, and desirable results.

Results we all want; a conscious peaceful world that has become wiser from making mistakes.

There is no one to blame here. It is the grade of consciousness of a population that determines which results they will get. A population will always have the government they deserve.

An unconscious population will always create an unconscious government, which holds them trap in an endless circle.

People see almost nothing but bad news on the news, because there is a demand for it. If everyone would stop with watching the bad news, and demand for good news, then the newsmakers would stop delivering  the bad news. They would start delivering good news.

This is a simple, evident law. Business, and multinationals, can only be successful because there is a demand for their products. Pure logic. You don’t start a business, when you don’t believe you could generate results with it. We all know the foods that Mc. Donalds provide us, are not healthy, for instance, but still, it is a successful business, as people have an interest in buying those foods.

All of this, will continue, until the day we wake up from our waking sleep.

If you have done so, why have you allowed your child or the children you are supposed to take care of, and educate, to take drugs that harm them? The fact that you accepted it, is merely a sign that you were just as unconscious as those who encouraged you to do so.

Therefore, although others, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the government, or the schools must not deny their responsibility, it is not them that are responsible for the fact that we have allowed, or encouraged our child, or children, to take harmful medications.

So no one is more guilty here than you are. If you would have been aware about what you were doing, than you would not have allowed it, right?

Indeed, you could not help it, you trusted the system. Or, better said, You accepted it, because you were trained to not think for yourself. You were trained to give responsibility to other people over that what’s most precious to you; your child, or children.

You gave other people permission to control over that what you care most about. If your children can’t count on you, than who can they count on?

Acknowledge you were not awake. If you would have been awake, then in reading the leaflet of these medications, you would have seen it is pure insanity to give medications with such harmful effects to children.

You have been busy doing other things, than investigating this matter. I don’t say this is you, but a lot of people prefer watching insignificant TV-series, than act on those things that can really make a difference for their family’s overall health and happiness.

But almost everyone does it, because almost everyone does it. Because we are not trained to think for ourselves, but to act in such ways, so that everyone accepts us, and become a product of the system, instead of listening to who we are in essence.

But that happened. Damage has been done. You can’t turn time back. We have to accept that, and take the learning from it, and create something better out of this situation. Blaming others, or start some kind of claim, will lead to ever more stress and disharmony in society.

Therefore, focus on those things that will really help you, and your child, don’t  focus on those things that will cause more stress and pain, for everyone involved in it.

The only way to fix your child’s health, is to stop the use of the medication, to give your child healthy, organic foods, to allow your child to be a child again; to make noise, to make a mess,  and play naturally, to start the practice of Transcendental Meditation, and do all the other things that bring health to the body and mind.  Do you want to repair the damage? What do you choose to focus upon? Do you really want  to help your child, children?  Then why not parent, or educate, from giving a mature, mindful example?

Forgive yourself, you did not know… It’s not your fault. You were trained, conditioned this way. If your partner encouraged this action, whilst you actually were against it, then forgive this person. You can choose to make your relationship stronger out of this situation, instead of making it worse.

Choose to become a better version of you, and start by leading by example now. 

I have also been a perpetuator of harm, to others, and to my own child, in regards of harmful agents.
I was once a Herbalife distributor. One day, I found that Herbalife meals are GMO, and are treated with pesticides, in a certain degree. Almost all of the soja that is grown on this planet, and  virtually all soja that comes from the United States is GMO.

GMO is very harmful, as you can find in this information. The company does not have an organic label, or cannot proof their nutrition is free from GMO, and chemicals. Don’t you think they would use it in their advertising, and on their products, if their foods would be from organic origin? They sure have the financial resources to buy an organic label. So, I sold this nutrition to my customers, consumed it myself, and gave it to my daughter.

Until the moment I became aware of its harmful effects.
And now, you are aware too of the information shared in these letters.

This gives you the chance, to take this as a learning experience, and do all you can do to impact the health of your child, or the children under your supervision,  in a positive way.

After all, there are only a few persons on the planet who are aware of the working mechanism of these kind of medications. Those people need our help, as we can help them to see, through our act of forgiveness, that there are other ways to make money, than destroying people’s health with harmful agents. We can help them see, they can make money, while actually doing something good for our fellow human-beings.

What kind of reaction will lawsuits give, when someone would decide to start a lawsuit ?

Forcing therefore, will always lead to the opposite results of what we want to achieve.

On the other hand, do you think it will encourage them, to act from the heart, when we forgive them, and send them our support?

Or, in case we would have certain skills that could even help that industry in transforming itself, why not offer our help?

Do you think all this will help them, or hurt them?

After all, they could not help it they were raised in such conditions that caused them to become this way.

Whenever someone does an unconscious action, it’s because the fundamental reason of their behavior is stress, or, because they have been trained to accept unconscious, conditioned thoughts.

Therefore, instead of pointing a blaming finger towards them, it’s better to ask yourself:

“How can I help?” 

“How can we, together, create something better out of this situation?”

John Hagelin, the quantum physicist says, that the fact we see all the bad news on TV, is merely a sign that certain parts of our brains aren’t fully developed yet. We have not reached our potential yet to live in line with peace, and harmony.

But that can soon become something of the past, if we choose so.

Do you want to be proud of  yourself when you are about the breath out your last breath? What will have mattered most in life?

In taking a better decision, you just made yourself a better version of yourself.

Be proud of that, instead of blaming yourself. It’s your birth right to make mistakes!!

And remember: we determine who we are with every decision that we take.

THANK YOU, for your cooperation to a better, healthy, and peaceful world!!!

Here are 8 factors why children(and adults), behave as they do:

1: Play, and nature play, is essential for brain development. Most of our children cannot play as they should in order for their brains to develop. Please do your research about this.

On top of that; ADHD-medication reduces play even more. Source:
The Archaeology of Mind: Neuroevolutionary Origins of Human Emotions

By Jaak Panksepp,Lucy Biven


 2: Extremely low levels of toxins can impact brain development.

“Little Things Matter,” is a video you can find on You Tube. It draws on emerging scientific evidence that even mild exposures to common contaminants can derail normal brain development — lowering IQs and raising risks of behavioral conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Avoiding as much as possible, these toxins will help your child. There exist also tools and practices to clean the body from these toxins.

3: Despite our modern technology, we were never as stressed as we are nowadays. We then pass this stress on to our children. Children learn from imitating others, and copy behavior they see. By practicing compassion towards ourselves, relaxation, meditation, and observing the thoughts we have we see then whether these thoughts are of help to us. These are powerful tools to eliminate stress.

4: Nutrition has a massive impact on our bodies and how we behave in our daily life. We know that our nutrition, for most people, is not what is should be.  And do children drink enough water?  Or do they drink beverages  that are actually not so healthy?
I wonder, how can we even be surprised if our children behave in ways which are too much for us to handle, with all of those unhealthy ingredients that their cells absorb?

5: Lots of children do not have the sleep pattern they need. Oftentimes they stay up late, and give their attention to screens, which are destructive for their brains, and thus also for their behavior.  Sometimes the sleep pattern of the child is adapted to the work schedule of the parent. Now in some cases this is just the way it is. Some things are hard to change. Just try to improve these factors where you can.

6: Vaccinations and medications. Although this is not something one would expect, there is a proven strong link between ADHD, autism, and vaccinations. Some of the  patients who are even autistic,  behaved like normal children again after detoxifying their vaccines.

Only a few of many, harmful agents in vaccines, and children’s vaccines:

–    Formaldehyde is a preservative, a highly toxic poison to the nervous system, and carcinogen, which is found in almost all vaccines. It’s causing blindness, brain damage, and seizures. There is no safe or acceptable amount in the human body, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services openly admits that formaldehyde causes cancer. Check out the National Toxicology Program website, featuring its 12th Report on Carcinogens.

–       Monosodium Glutamate: This is a neurotoxic chemical, which causes brain neurons to be overexcited to the point of death. When consumed in foods, it causes endocrine system damage, and migraine headaches.

Vaccines containing high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum were added to the child immunization schedule when several vaccines containing mercury were removed. Two-month old babies now receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their vaccines – 50 times higher than safety levels! Although the FDA, CDC and World Health Organization are aware of the dangers, they expects parents to play Russian roulette with their children.

American children end up getting  a grand total of 6,150 mcg of aluminum, when they receive all of their recommended vaccines. When aluminum is injected in the body, it absorbs a 100 percent of it. These vaccines are a cause of great harm, as it causes neurological diseases, such as autism, dementia, and Parkingson’s disease. A link to one of the articles from Dr. Mercola about vaccines:

7: WIFI, and other forms of EMF’s(electromagnetic fields) are also a cause which have a big, negative influence on our whole body structures, disturbing the natural, healthy frequencies of our body’s. We invite you to check the Bio-initiative report; A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF) The BioInitiative 2012 Report has been prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Search google to find protection for wifi and other harmful EMF’s, to wear around the body, and other solutions.

8: Premature babies are also at a higher risk for an incorrect integration of the separate area’s within the brains.


My morning mentor, Mary Morrissey.
You tube video’s: John Hagelin

The Archaeology of Mind: Neuroevolutionary Origins of Human Emotions
By Jaak Panksepp,Lucy Biven