Hi B-)
Congratulations on taking these steps towards more skillful parenting! First, I’d like to thank you for the privilege of guiding your parenting adventure. Sincerely, this is my honor. Thank you for placing your trust in me! 
Every shift begins with a decision, and you made the decision to invest in you, and your family’s future. We all desire our own and our family’s happiness, but not everyone takes the initiative to step out of their comfort zones and invest their time and money for effectively reaching those desires. I have to say though; this program can’t help you if you leave it unused “on a shelf.” But implementing the information can bring great results!
In this time of pre-launch, you can watch all of the videos of the first module at your convenience. But knowing this can lead you away from effectively watching them since you know they are always at your disposal.
Therefore, to help you get the most out of this course, I recommend that you set aside approximately one and a half hours each week to watch the videos, and schedule a specific day and time to watch them. When you schedule a fixed time to watch the videos, it will be easier for you to be accountable, and to allow yourself to receive the highest possible value. It will help you absorb all of the information, which allows you to see the whole picture.
When developing the lessons for my courses, I was very conscientious about what I wanted to share. Sharing essential information is much more important to me then assuring that the lessons all have equal time frames. The consequence is that some lessons are short, other lessons are longer, and they are split up into multiple videos.
You will also receive multiple videos for those weeks where multiple topics are discussed, once you receive videos as per dripping schedule of the official launch.
Please note that English isn’t my native language, so I am using displays of my edited inspirations while explaining, as this will enable me to translate them smoothly for you. I trust you’ll understand. I would prefer it if you could actually understand what I’m trying to express, you see.
However, as my English will continue to improve, I trust I ‘ll be able to talk without a display at some point in the future.”
Now, I strongly encourage you to watch the lessons in the order scheduled, which ensures better comprehension of the new information given.
The goal is not to overwhelm you with information but to provide you with the most helpful content available. I am confident that if you will implement what you learn you will receive the value I have promised. I also encourage you to watch those lessons that may not seem applicable to you or your specific family situation. For instance when you have an older child, you may feel like skipping the lesson: “You’ d be surprised about the sling”.

This also helps you to understand information that follows later on in the course, which may be built on information you have skipped. And you might be surprised with what I have to share in those particular areas!
If you need to skip a week, you can watch that week’s videos later on, but I suggest at least reading the corresponding chapter in the ebook. In case you feel you’re getting too much information or can’t keep up, then please let go of the overwhelm. Mindful Parent Mastery is created to improve the quality of your life; it’s not created to give you more stress.
If you feel you can’t keep up, then you can read the e-book regularly for just a few minutes, and watch the videos at your own pace. Please never stress to keep on track. The only requirement to succeed is the determination to learn more. Hold on to that decision. Do whatever you can in a relaxed manner, stay accountable, and Acknowledge yourself for doing this for you and your family.
When you enroll in the dripping schedule designed for the official launch, I’ll email you a link to the next video lessons. To make sure those emails don’t end up in your spam folder, I encourage you to whitelist this email address: tina@mindfulparentmastery.com
The method for whitelisting emails varies, depending on your email service, but if you use Gmail, Outlook.com or Yahoo! Mail, you can see how to whitelist email addresses on this Welcome-page.
If you’re using a different service, then I recommend you search for: “how to whitelist emails in (your email service’s name)” online.
Keep in mind that you are the Master of your life. We are all unique, with our own distinct personality. So if something I share doesn’t feel okay with you or is not in line with your desires and expectations, then disregard it.  Listen to your intuition. YOU know what’ s right for YOU.
I do, however, encourage you to keep your mind open to new ideas. Often times we reject new ideas, because we are strongly trained and conditioned to have a certain opinion about a certain subject. Or we may have fear of the unfamiliar. You might want to ponder on concepts that could be new, or seem unusual, and contemplate if your previous assumptions about those ideas seem right to you, or not. They may be, as well as they may not be.
It is my intention to guide you, not to instruct you. I wish to encourage you to make decisions based on your heart and on what feels right for you in the end. This is merely an invitation for you to contemplate and evaluate your familiar thought patterns or paradigms and determine if they still serve you. Apply only those things that will contribute to your and your family’s happiness.
When something does feel right to you, then act upon it! Apply what is shared in the lessons. As my mentor, Mary Morrissey, says: “Knowledge without action, is merely entertainment.” I know that when you do this, these courses will change your life for the better. I am with you every step of the way!
These are the principles I continually use to become a better version of myself and, therefore, a better parent. I have made mistakes on almost everything I teach, but that’ s because I learned from those blunders. I had to find it all out on my own. We are all students in this adventure called life. I feel both courses can be a shortcut for you to develop great, conscious skills and insights in a relatively short period of time.
Whenever you like, you can log into this private membership site where you’ll have access to all the previous videos plus new ones. 
Your weekly exercises consist of the application of the knowledge you learn in the lesson of that week. If you feel you can’t apply one of the given topics, then practice previous information you feel you can improve upon.
When you have a hard time in succeeding the Mastering, don’t beat yourself up. The lessons of the very first week (a tour in our brains and how our brain becomes stronger by love and attachment), and, the last part of the lesson of peer-orientation, will be of help when you need it most. When you are in some kind of mental struggle, such as your children are giving you a hard time or you’re exhausted or overwhelmed, you may tend to forget what I share in those lessons. So, I encourage you to schedule several times to re-watch those videos. I recommend at least 7 times. This will allow you to remember and use its crucial knowledge in difficult times. As our minds are wired with conditioned thinking, those old patterns will easily take over patterns you’ve heard only once or twice, especially when facing a challenge.
And if you bought the “Building The Basics of Mindful Parenting” course, too, then I encourage you to apply this also for module 5 and 6. In fact, it is best to apply it for every section that you feel you have not mastered yet. Even when you have mastered it, the brain will still need regular repetition to remember it. So I’d like to ask you to see this course as a life-long investment, especially in those areas that help you in building relationships and mastering the mind.
Further, I strongly encourage you to join my Facebook community group. You will find like-minded people to converse with and share ideas. I will regularly be there too. I will share what’s on my mind and respond to questions. As I am still working on improving the “Building The Basics of Mindful Parenting Course”, I apologize not responding to every single question.
However, don’t be afraid to ask your questions in the group. Asking for help is a tool that all successful people use. Know that feeling stuck can’t help you moving forward. And feel free to respond to the questions that are posted in the group by others. When you start to think about something, your mind opens up, and will provide you with information. By sharing your feelings and experiences, you may be of help to someone else. Everything is energy. So information shared with the intention to help someone will always come back to you somehow.
So now, let’s start the process!! Please click a button to have access to your lessons.

To your success!!
Tina Costermans